Applause for ‘The Game’s Afoot’

Cast members of the Wells Community Theater’s production of the murder/mystery “The Game’s Afoot” were greeted to a round of applause as...

Ditch issue irritates Ossian board

Railroad easement needed, but town’s engineer says Norfolk Southern has been mum By GLEN WERLING Frustration.

A natural high

Three iron workers at the 20/20 construction site Tuesday enjoy a view of the world ...

Ossian restaurant compliant

After months of violations, Nel’s Café in Ossian has been compliant with health codes since October ...

Everything’s on ice

Ice encrusts crabapples on a flowering crabapple tree in Ossian Monday night.

Ossian weighs cost of sewer service outside of town

Members of the Regional Sewer District’s board met in Ossian Monday night and eventually made a pitch to the Ossian Town Council

Ossian gets no bids on derelict downtown site

The building at 103 N. Jefferson St. in Ossian still has no bidders and the Ossian Town Council members are considering other options for disposing of it.

Making a box of chocolates

Crimson House Cafe in Ossian offered chocolate classes Saturday with Valentine’s Day-inspired treats. Above, pastry chef Emily...

Man charged with killing child hires own attorney

A Huntington man accused of killing an 18-month-old Ossian girl has hired his own attorney ...

Rose Ann Heights ditch rehab awaits railroad’s approval

Norfolk Southern is one step closer to giving the Ossian Stormwater Management Board permission ...