Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Teen Talk: Mackenzie Duncan – Animal Lover, Strong Student, Hilarious Work Stories

Mackenzie Duncan Interview with Mackenzie Duncan, Junior at Bluffton High School. How old are you? I’m...

Jase Warner — Soil Judging, Welding and Euchre

Interview with Jase Warner, junior at Southern Wells High School. Jase Warner How old are...

Shelby Koteskey — Taco Bell, Physical Therapy and Marching Band

Interview with Shelby Koteskey, junior at Norwell High School. How old are you?

Nick Sprankles – Great at Sports, Interest in Learning to Play Guitar, and...

Interview with Nick Sprankles, Senior at Bluffton High School. Nick Sprankles

Markis Crosbie — Cross Country, Chocolate Milk and Teaching Math

Interview with Markis Crosbie, Sophomore at Bluffton High School. Markis Crosbie How old are you? 

Kalel Maul — Table-Top Gaming, Art and Cheeseburgers in the Library

Interview with Kalel Maul, junior at Southern Wells Junior-Senior High School. How old are you?

Dylan Osborn – Does very well in Track, Good Grades, and fish named...

Dylan Osborn How old are you? I’m 14. What is the funniest thing that happened to...

Joann Jones – Top of the Class, a Neurologist and Traveling Europe

Interview with Joann Jones, senior at Bluffton High School. How old are you? 

Shelby Thompson – Scuba Diving, CPA and Saving for College.

Interview with Shelby Thompson, Senior at Southern Wells High School. How old are you?

Calista Gerard: Purdue, Mission Trips and Taco Tuesday!

Calista Gerard How old are you?  I’m 18.