Units Marked (A) or (B) are floats – Line up on Main Street

—Main Street—

between South and Riley

  1. Bluffton Police/Wells Co. Sheriff
  2. American Legion Color Guard
  3. Ossian Police Car
  4. Bluffton Fire Dept
  5. Wells County Emergency Medical Svc. (2)
  6. Chester Township Fire Dept
  7. Liberty Center Fire Dept
  8. Markle Fire Dept
  9. Nottingham Township Fire Dept
  10. Ossian Fire Dept
  11. Poneto Fire Dept
  12. Uniondale Fire Dept

—West Riley Street—

  1. Rising Stars Baton Corps

—East Riley Street—

  1. City Officials
  2. County Officials (2)
  3. Street Fair Band (on trailer)
  4. Grand Marshal – Dick Bricker
  5. 2021 Prince & Princess Court
  6. ABC Studio & Activity Center
  7. Bi-County Services  (A)
  8. Miss Wells County
  9. Miss Wells Co. Teen
  10. Markle Health and Rehabilitation

—Main Street—

between Riley and Central

  • Wells County Public Library 1000-book readers (line up on East Central Ave.)
  • Sothern Wells Community Church (A)
  • Wells Co Historical Float (A)
  • Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana (A)
  • Bluffton High School Band

—Main Street—

between Central and Wiley

  • Wells County Boy Scouts ((line up on W.Central)
  • Three Oaks Christian School
  • Wells County Republicans
  • Norwell Band
  • Bluffton KOA Float ( Class B)
  • The Diversity & Inclusion Coalition
  • Southern Wells Elementary School (B)
  • Southern Wells Band
  • Wells County Emergency Management/Wells County Amateur Radio Club

Main Street

between Wiley and Ohio

  • Blackford High School Band
  • Northern Indiana Road Riders
  • Street Fair Band
  • Jeep Parade
  • Bev’s Calliope ??
  • Street Fair Officials and Santa Claus