A writer for the Los Angeles Times, Reg Green, posted a photo earlier this week that he took during his daily hike through the Angeles National Forest. On a hill far away, it looked like a cross “and the beginnings of two more,” he wrote.

The hill was actually not that far away,  and he didn’t phrase it that way. But I couldn’t resist.

“It is only when you get closer that you see all three are actually utility poles,” Mr. Green noted. But he was also struck by the image which included two topographies, the rocky, bare wilderness in the background and the green grass and the new buds of a bush in the foreground. The Old Testament and the New Testament, with the cross in the middle, he mused.

He reflected that the whimsical citing “raised to a level not quite of this world what was just a ‘boring’ walk so close to one of the biggest cities on earth that at (this) overlook you could hear the hum of the morning commute.”

You have to wonder at the coincidence of him noticing it this week, of all weeks.

And should we not wonder at the coincidence of Easter showing up in the middle of what we are experiencing.

My youngest brother is a pastor of a church in Valparaiso. He has posted some meditations for his congregation these past several weeks. In one, he posed three questions for us to ponder or, to put another way, to wonder about:

• “How will God use this time?”

• “How will you use this time?” and

• “How will God use you during this time?”

Hmm. Three questions. There are three crosses.

Have a blessed Easter … and one full of wonder.

— Mark Miller