A Bluffton organization and the local libraries have announced WiFi availability for those who need it, including families during this period of extended eLearning.

Jeff Patterson, development director at Forgotten Children Worldwide at 650 N. Main St. in Bluffton, said the agency’s WiFi signal has been posted and made public.

“We want to assist however possible in these ever-evolving times,” Patterson said in an email. “Please feel free to use our parking lot to get your work done, download assignments, whatever you may need.”

He credited AdamsWells Internet for helping the agency make it happen. The public network is FCW-Public.

“We were just thinking about what people in the community might need in light of all the changes and this idea came to mind,” Patterson said. “My wife is a teacher and she has students who do not have access to WiFi, so I knew the need existed here. So although our offices are closed, we figured we could boost our WiFi to reach out parking lot and allow the community to use it for whatever they need — schoolwork, necessary downloads, etc.”

The main library of WCPL as well as the Ossian branch also have WiFi signals that reach the parking lots and around the buildings. Even though the facilities are closed at this time, patrons are encouraged to use the internet from their vehicles.