Interview with Krista Gore, Junior at Bluffton High School.

How old are you?

I am 17.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

My best friend and I ran into each other in the hallway and we both said, “Whoa,” at the exact same time.

So you literally ran into each other! Too funny!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?

I would travel to Santorini, Greece.

Why Santorini?

I think it is super pretty there.

You have found a suitcase containing $1 million. The authorities say it’s yours to keep. What do you do with it?

I would keep it and pay off my college, and then save the rest.

What do you plan to go to college for?

I plan on going for psychology, or maybe art therapy.

Good for you! Art therapy sounds really interesting!

Tell me something about a parent or relative that you find awesome and you hope to accomplish someday?

I hope one day to be like my grandma. She is always happy and very funny. She is always making a joke.

She sounds great!

What are you proudest of?

I am proudest of my bowling accomplishments throughout the years.

How long have you been bowling?

I have been bowling for around 7 years.

What do you wish that you knew how to do that you can’t right now?

I wish I knew how to play the guitar.

What is it about the guitar that you like?

I just think it is really neat, and I know a few people who can play, and it seems challenging and fun. 

Do you own a pet?

Yes, I have four horses, lots of cats, and two dogs.

What are their names? And how did you come up with their names?

Well my horse’s name is Buck. He had the name when we got him, and it definitely fit his personality.

Love it! What about your dogs’ names?

Our dogs’ names are Diesel and Derby. 

Can you tell me a joke?

Why does Peter Pan always fly?

I’m not sure.

He Neverlands.

[Laughing] I love it!

What is your favorite class in school and why?

I really enjoy art class, because I am fairly good at art. I recently started painting as well.

That’s great! I’ve always admired people who could paint!

Are you involved in sports, music or other activities?

I am involved in bowling, and I work at Hardee’s if that counts.

Of course!

Do you think it’s important to speak and understand other languages?

I do because America is always gaining new and different people with different languages, so to be able to communicate is important.

That is a great answer.

What is your favorite game to play and why?

I actually really enjoy playing chess. I don’t play it often because I don’t really know a lot of people who know how to play it.

I think that is very cool.

Who is one of your friends that make you laugh all the time?


What does Taylor do that is funny? 

Everything she does is funny we have been best friends for 9 years so everything she does I find funny.

Who is your most academically-inclined friend?


What is it about Kylie that makes her seem so smart?

She works super hard, and she always has good grades. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, and how will you get there?

In 10 years I see myself, hopefully, done with school and in my own place. Maybe I will be starting a family too. Hopefully I have a good job.

Anything else I should know about you?

I really enjoy reading.

What categories of reading do you enjoy?

I really enjoy mysteries and teen-fiction. 

You have some really great plans. I enjoyed speaking with you and am sure you will have a successful and happy future.

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Interviewer: Amy Serafini News-Banner, Bluffton, Indiana