We have received a number of specific questions about our change to mail delivery. In an attempt to address them, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

Question: Will I get my paper a day late?

Answer: No. To accomplish same-day delivery, we have changed our deadlines and publication time. Our former press time was about 11:30 a.m. for delivery later that afternoon or early evening. Now, the paper is being published in the early morning hours in order for them to be dropped off at the post offices.

These drop-off locations include Bluffton; Poneto, which also handles Keystone and Liberty Center; Warren; Montpelier; Markle; Ossian, which also handles Uniondale, Craigville and Yoder; and Decatur.

The paper is delivered to these locations by 7:30 a.m. after they are labeled and pre-sorted for each postal carrier. This allows the mail carriers to deliver our papers the same day as publication.

Q: I live in a rural area. Will that affect same-day delivery?

A: No, with only a few exceptions that total less than 10. Those subscribers have been or will be contacted individually. Our new process is done for each post office, regardless of where you live and who your postal carrier is.

Q: What time will my paper be delivered?

A: It will vary based on when your mail is delivered. Please note that the newspaper will be delivered to the address that you receive your mail.

We anticipate the majority of subscribers will receive their papers earlier in the day compared to the previous system. Saturday delivery, however, will be later than what was previously done.

Q: Will federal holidays affect my newspaper delivery when the mail is not delivered on those days?

A: There are 10 federal holidays and historically we have not published on six of them. The other four are Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day and Columbus Day. We will continue to publish on those four holidays, but home delivery will occur the following day, along with that day’s paper.

Locations where you can buy the paper, including The News-Banner office and racks, will not be impacted. Subscribers who would like their papers on those holidays can stop by our office at 125 N. Johnson St. to pick up the paper at no additional cost.

We will also have the latest news online and the e-edition will be available on our website at www.news-banner.com

Q: Why are you switching to mail-only delivery?

A: We, like most businesses, have struggled to find carriers over the past few years due to low unemployment rates. Unfortunately, as many of you have experienced, this has affected our service when it comes to newspaper delivery. This switch became necessary to restore the level of service we want to be able to provide our customers.

Currently, about a third of our subscribers are receiving their papers with their mail. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

— — —

The News-Banner is a locally owned paper and our overriding philosophy is centered around quality journalism. Compared to other newspapers our size, our reporting staff is larger and that allows us to keep our community better informed. Our staff is routinely recognized at the state level for its work.

We have remained committed to publishing six days a week when many newspapers in the region have reduced their publication days.

Thank you for subscribing, reading and supporting our mission. 

— Doug Brown, publisher; and Jessica Bricker,

assistant editor