The Town of Uniondale has submitted Addendum #2 of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements PER to the State Revolving Loan Fund Program. This amendment summarizes the replacement of the Influent Flow Meter, UV Structure foundation extension due to changes in the floodplain, purchase of an additional effluent pump and septic tank effluent pump station rehabilitation. This demonstrates the Town’s efforts to comply with the requirements of the State Revolving Loan Fund Program. The total cost of the additions is $33,556.07 which will be financed with funds remaining from an existing SRF loan and OCRA grant. Questions regarding this addendum should be directed to the Town’s engineering consultant, Jeremy Hardy at (260)-494-3223 for further clarification or other assistance.

Erin Kreigh

Town Council President

August 9, 2019

nb 8/15