Hailey Lewis

Getting to know Hailey Lewis, Student at Bluffton High School

What grade are you in?

I’m a Junior.

Do you like your name?

Yeah, I do.

If you could change it what would it be?

Ummm, that’s a hard question. I have no idea.  I would just stick with Hailey.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

My friend, they had a piñata at the graduation party and afterwards they wore the head around for a while.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

I think I want to go to Jamaica. My parents have gone and they talk about how beautiful it is and I just want to see it and go somewhere different.

Tell me something about a parent or relative that you find awesome and you hope to accomplish someday?

My uncle. He served in the Air Force for a long time and even when he was in the Air Force he was just someone you could always talk to and he was fun to be around. And very light. I have a nephew now and I would like to stay around and like be very uplifting around him. Just be someone that he could always come to and talk to.

What are you most proud of?

Staying positive in everything I do with Student Council, with all my sports, with friends, with everything.

How do you feel about out of the normal colored hair and which one do you think you would try if you had to?

I’m thinking about changing my hair to like an ombre where it ends in silver. I like it. I like when people try something new. I’m not a big fan of bright green or exotic colors like that, but I like different colors.

Do you own a pet? Tell us his/her breed, name, how he/she got that name. What is something funny he/she does?

Yeah. I have a cat. Her name is Shades. She’s cute, but she kind of acts like a dog, so. She plays tug of war with me and she’s obsessed with all my socks. When I come in the door she comes running. I think she’s actually a dog.

Can you tell me a joke?

Oh, shoot.  I’m not really a jokester. I don’t really know jokes. People tell me jokes. This is one for my nephew so it’s a kiddish joke.

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

The interrupting cow.

The interrupting c…

MOO! (Hailey interrupts)

Hahahaha. I bet he loves that.

Yeah, he tries to say it, but it doesn’t really work. He just goes straight to the moo.

What is your favorite class in school and why?

Honestly, it would probably be Intern(ship) because it’s more relaxing and I get to go out and help with my Campus Life Director so it’s nice there. Other than Interning, since it’s not technically a class, it would probably be… I really enjoyed biology this year. It wasn’t my best class, but I like the teacher and we had a lot of group activities. I like being with the people.

Are you involved in school sports, music or other activities? Any outside of school activities?

Yeah, mmm.. I’m involved with the Red Wagon Club, and Student Council; I’m President this year. I do volleyball, diving and softball. I do BPA (Business Professionals of America) too and Tiger Dance Company

If you could start an extra-curricular club at school what would it be?

I would say maybe an environmental club. Maybe plant some gardens.

Who is one of your friends that make you laugh all the time?


Who is your most academically inclined friend?

Probably Alyssa.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how will you get there?

In 10 years I am hoping to be in law school by then. I want to get there by graduating from here, staying strong with my grades and hopefully going to IU and getting my undergrad degrees first.

Thank you, Hailey. It was a pleasure to interview you. I wish you all the best in the future. I know you will succeed.

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Interviewer: Amy Serafini
Bluffton, Indiana