Let’s get to know Cameron Lightle, Student at Southern Wells High School

Cameron Lightle

What grade are you in?
I am a senior.

Do you like your name?
Yeah, definitely.

If you could change it what would it be?
Ooh that’s a tough one. Possibly a Brian. I don’t know why, but the name Connor is popping into my head. I’ve never thought of that before, but I don’t know why.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you this week?
Hmm, I don’t know. It’s pretty early in the week, but I guess…I was at work Friday night and I had just gotten done loading up my trailer and I get in my truck. When I lift my leg up to get in my truck I hear a rip and I look down and my pants were ripped. Well, luckily I don’t have to go anywhere else. I can just go straight home so I walk into the house and Mom and Dad are just like ‘what did you do?!’. So, I tell them the story.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
Anywhere in the world… I would probably go to like Mexico or somewhere like Bora Bora. I love really warm weather and so warm weather, beaches. If I could do any of those that would be a fun place to go.

Tell me something about a parent or relative that you find awesome and you hope to accomplish someday?
Definitely something I would like to accomplish someday is adopting a child because my mom and dad adopted me. So, I mean adoption is just an amazing thing so that’s probably something I would want to do, definitely I would want to do.

What are you most proud of?
Getting to say I’m a Lightle. That’s, I mean, everybody knows that name even out in Wells. I’m from Blackford County and a lot of people know the name out here so they’ll be like are you related to Ron Lightle or John Lightle or whoever and I’ll be like that’s my dad or my uncle. Then they’ll be like ‘Oh, well that’s good to know’ and so it’s just kind of neat knowing that our family is so well known and well liked.

How have people gotten to know the Lightles so well?
My dad used to run a gas station. It was an old Phillips 66 station. Back when like the people would come out and pump the gas for you, always check your tires, your oil all that stuff. He ran that for I don’t know how many years, but just everybody got to know him.

How do you feel about out of the normal colored hair and which one do you think you would try if you had to?
I’m not one for doing it, but if it looks good on somebody it looks good on them. Like it just doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t bug me. If I had to go with a color I think I’d go with blue. Maybe a darker blue.

Do you own a pet? Tell us his/her breed, name, how he/she got that name.
I do. It’s a chocolate Lab. Her name’s Cocoa and she is about 10 or 11 years old. She is the laziest dog you’ll ever meet in your life. Anytime someone pets her she just lays on her back and wants her stomach rubbed. It’s so adorable. We adopted her from this thing called Central Indiana Lab Rescue or something like that and she was wandering around the streets of Carmel. This family got her. They were a foster family for dogs and we’d been signed up. And we were like ‘we gotta go look at her’. So we went down there and looked at her and we liked her. A couple weeks later, once we got all the paperwork filled out and everything, we went down and adopted her.

Can you tell me a joke?
Well I have a joke, but I don’t know if it will make sense on paper. It’s like, what do you get when you mix a joke and a rhetorical question?

I don’t know.

(Cameron just looks away)

Haha, Of course I fell for that.

What is your favorite class in school and why?
Probably our media class because we get to be ourselves. Not mess around, but like just be ourselves, we get to make videos. We have a drone for that class so we get to fly that quite often. Just have fun really.

Are you involved in school sports, music or other activities? Any outside of school activities?
I was involved with basketball ever since I came out here. Well, ever since I can remember really. I played four years of high school basketball. I’m on the golf team also, which I’ve played for three years.

If you could start an extra-curricular club at school what would it be?
Hmmm. Maybe an all year golf team, or at least where we could have practices all year. Because our season is in the spring and the girls is in the fall so obviously we don’t practice in the fall. Most of our players don’t play football or anything so we could work from the beginning of school all the way to the season. I think that’s probably what I would do.

Who is one of your friends that makes you laugh all the time?
Caleb or Alex.

Who is your most academically inclined friend?
Either Jordan or Kane.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how will you get there?
As a broadcaster or announcer because I’ve got some experience doing that and I could definitely see myself doing that. It’s such a fun job. Getting to interact with the crowd at different events. Just getting the crowd excited, you know. Getting to be the voice of a sport or a race or something. That would definitely be my dream job.

Do you have anything else that you want to tell me about yourself?
I can’t think of anything. Thank you.

It was a pleasure to meet with Cameron. I am positive he will accomplish anything he sets out to do.

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Interviewer: Amy Serafini
Bluffton, Indiana