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The Wells County Sheriff’s Department provides police and law enforcement services throughout the county in cooperation with municipal departments, Indiana  State Police and others. The sheriff also is responsible for operation of the Wells County Jail and for serving of papers for the courts.

The sheriff’s department and jail are located in the Wells County Jail building at 1615 Western Ave. on the west side of Bluffton. Phone 260-824-3426, fax 260-824-6424.

The sheriff is Monte Fisher (90-1).  The chief deputy is Scott Holliday (90-2).  The jail commander is Karen Thompson.  The detectives are Lt. Det. Diane Betz (90-3) and Det. Jeremy Heckel (90-4).

Other deputy sheriffs are James Agler (90-7); Sgt. Kurt Powell (90-8); School Resource Officer Chad Bradley (90-9); Sgt. Randy Steele (90-10); Kurtis Brooksher (90-11); Jeff McClish (90-12); Andrew Campbell (90-13); Austin Springer (90-14); Ryan Mounsey (90-15); Curt Hunt (90-16); Russell Mounsey (90-17); and Jacob McKinley (90-18).

Other dispatcher/jail officers are Andrew Dockter, Andrew Elwell, Cheyenne Harris, Brandon Liechty, Douglas Miller, Tre Nusbaumer, Shaile Perry, Michelle Wallace, Brittany Weedman Melissa Perez, Angie Bower, Transport Officer Ronald Campbell, Roger Compton, Lt. Spencer Copeland, Deb Garrett, Misty Haddix, Zach Hayden, Joe Pettibone, Erin Pezo, Zach Walker, James Warthman. Part-time jailers are Jacob Dillion, Cheyenne Harris, Jairus Daggett, Chad Krumma, Sierra Perry; Brody Ruble, Ben Valentine.

Office staff: Krista Markley, Matron; Bonnie Heckel, Clerk/Receptionist

Kitchen staff: Denise Lyon, Kitchen Administrator Amy Marshall, cooks.

Maintenance/janitor: George Addington

Civil process server: Ralph T. Miller

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