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Jody Nusbaumer is the chief of the Chester Township Fire Department.  Kyle Couch is assistant chief. Jessie Fox and Dan Green lieutenants. Kevin Couch is the safety officer. Mackenzie Morrison; The treasurer is Don Oswalt.

First Responders are Dan Green, Don Oswalt, Kyle Couch, Brian Hollingsworth.

Other firefighters include James Harris, Dale Gearheart, Roger Grover, Mike Gilbert, Cory McElhaney, Tyson Zook, James Dishman, Blake Robinson, D.J. Henderson, Josh Williams and Brett Kiel.


    3518 E. Market Street, Petroleum, IN 46778; Phone 260-346-2620  (non-emergency)

The Nottingham Township Volunteer Fire Department provides Nottingham Township and surrounding areas with fire suppression, mutual aid, medical first response and other emergency services. The members of the Fire Department are dedicated to volunteering their time and talents to their community with no financial compensation. The members of the department are as follows, with the year they joined the department in parenthesis: Fire Chief Mark Shaffer (1985); Assistant Fire Chief Jim Poling (1999); Fire Captains Rex Holloway (1979);    Luke Johnson (2007); Ben Studebaker (2010) Fire Lieutenant Josh Stultz (2010) and Firefighters Steve Herman (1974); Michael Pursifull (1999); Roger Hamilton (2008); Kraig Butche (2011); Ben Eppard (2012) and Kevin Stout (2013).


The Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department serves in Liberty Township and provides rescue service for Chester and Jackson Townships. In addition the department provides mutual aid to other fire departments in Wells County and Huntington County. Non-emergency phone: 694-6114.

The Department’s fire equipment includes the 401-pumper, 402-pumper, the 405-tanker, the 407-grass truck, a rescue boat and the 408-equipment/first responder van. The department also operates Wells County Rescue 4.

The Chief is Josh Daugherty. The Assistant Chief is Trenton Markley. Captains are Brian Jack, Chase Gentis and Kevin Brubaker. The Secretary-Treasurer is Tanya Ragg Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Suzie Gentis.

First responders are Josh Daugherty, Trenton Markley, Chase Gentis, and Kevin Brubaker. Firefighters are Josh Daugherty, Trent Markley, Brian Jack, Chase Gentis, Kevin Brubaker, Tim Thompson, Fred Frantz, Dylan Sherman, Derek Graham, Mike Mittlestedt, Micheal Henderson, Dustin Enterline, Blake Zent. The department has a total of 14 active firefighters. All members are trained to use the ice rescue equipment acquired by the Wells County Emergency Management Agency.

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