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The town of Poneto has an elected three-member Town Council and an elected clerk-treasurer. The town address is P.O. Box 61, Poneto, Indiana 46781.

The members of the Poneto Town Council are:

Steve Rush. Home address: P.O. Box 72, Poneto, phone 694-6288. President of Council

Mary Smith. Home address: P.O. Box 1, Poneto, phone 694-6545. Vice President of Council.

Becky Stone-Smith, home phone 417-3960

The Poneto Town Clerk-Treasurer is Roy Schoeff. Town address P.O. Box 61, Poneto 46781. Home address: P.O. Box 12, phone 694-6602.

Poneto electric service is from AEP.

Poneto has its own sewage system. Phone the clerk-treasurer, 694-6602. Garbage collection by National Serv-All. Contact the clerk-treasurer, 694-6602.

Poneto’s police protection is provided by the Wells County Sheriff’s Department. Telephone service is from the Citizens Telephone Corp. of Warren.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Len Smith is the Chief of the Poneto Volunteer Fire Department. The Assistant Chief is Tyler Moser. The Secretary-Treasurer is Tracy Fiscus. The Captains are Scott Minniear and Jeff Prible. Other members include Dennis Fiscus, Gage Minniear, Bryon Prible, Mike Prible, Daniel G. Anderson, J.R. Crull, John Gardner, Robin E. Lane, Steve Rush, Cooper Shragal, Kenneth N. Scott, Kevin Scott, Zach Smith.

Tyler Moser and Scott Minniear and Dennis Fiscus are the department’s first responders.

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