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The Town of Ossian has an elected five-member Town Council and an elected Clerk-Treasurer. The council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. The headquarters of the government is the Ossian Town Hall, 507 North Jefferson Street, Ossian. The Ossian Town Council members are:

Brad Pursley President. Home address: 613 W. Bittersweet Dr., Ossian. Phone 622-1245.

Joshua Barkley, Vice President, Home address 901 Park St., Ossian: Phone 622-8666.

Bill Miller, Home address: 301 Siebold St., Ossian. Phone 622-4058.

Bill Dowty, Home address: 120 Young St., 622-7707

Renee Sweeney, Home address: 608 E Mill St., 622-1281.

The Ossian Clerk-Treasurer is Jeannette Dickey office in the Town Hall. Home address, 213 Country Side Dr., Ossian; office phone 622-4251. Home phone 622-7168. The Deputy Clerk-Treasurer is Sally Bracke.

The Town Manager is Luann Martin.

Water and Sewage Utilities and Streets: Sewage Supervisor is Darrell Reynolds; Water Supervisor is Scott Kling; town duties are also shared by employees Joe Burton, Herb Bergman and Jim Battin. Contact the Town Hall, 507 North Jefferson St., phone 622-4251.

Utilities Policy: Contact the Ossian Town Hall, 507 North Jefferson, phone 622-4251 in the mornings to arrange for water and sewage hook-up. Allow three working days notice for the hookups.

Electric service by American Electric Power and United REMC. Natural Gas service by Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO), Telephone service by Frontier, Curbside Garbage, Trash, Recycling: Weekly collection for trash, bi-weekly for recycling. Monthly per unit charge by the town is $15.87. (The town’s contractor is National Serv-All)

Police Department: The Police Chief is David Rigney, Sergeant is Chad Foreman. Other officers are Stephanie Tucker and Brian McClish. A fifth position on the police force was in the process of being filled when this publication went to press. Reserve officer is Duane Klaus.

Police Commissioners: President: Andrew Wanner, member Ron Werling. The third position was open and remained to be filled at the time this publication went to press. 

Ossian/Jefferson Township Park Board: The Park Board meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Ossian Town Hall with the exception being months where Mondays fall on a holiday. When that occurs, the date of the meeting will be announced. The Park Board president is Joe Lewis, other Park Board members are Tim Rohr, Ashley Harmon, Phil Horton and Jason Heckber.

Storm Water Management Board Members: Chairman Tim Miller, Secretary Dennis Ramey, Vice-chair Rose Ann Barrick. The Storm Water Management Board meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the town hall.

Fire Department: The fire station, emergency medical service and the rescue unit are all located at the Ossian Town Hall, 507 N. Jefferson St. The non-emergency phone number for the fire department is 622-4625.

Ben Fenstermaker, Chief; Eventt Norris, Assistant Chief; Darrell Reynolds Safety Officer and Captain; Jeff Miller, Captain; Adam Hannie, Captain; John Sherburne, Captain; Dan Scherrer Training Officer and Board Member; Mike Lewis, Board Member; Mike Fenstermaker, Secretary; Rob Gresley first responder. Firefighters are Ric Bookmiller, Kurk Haddix, Nick Bechtold, Cody Burton, Lee Dettmer, Brian Donovan, Jay Garrett, Brice Lawrence, Andrea Miller, Heather Miller, Jeff Petrie, Cory Privett, Jeremy Schreier, Brian Shutt and Jay Werling.

Ossian Economic Revitalization Committee: Kody Kumfer, chairs the committee. Judy Harkless is vice-chair. Jan Williams serves as secretary, and Jim Brewer serves as Treasurer.  Other members are Marlyn Koons, Larry Heckber, Linda Hambrick, Cheryl Laley, Larry Smith, Bob Miller, Rose Ann Hinesley. Luann Martin, the town manager, acts as the town’s liaison on the committee. Member emeritus Natalie Milholland serves in an advisory capacity. Revitalization Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Ossian Branch of the Wells County Public Library.

Ossian Rolls:

Ossian rolls consists of 3 subcommittees, those committees Programming (consists of: Angie Dial-Chair, Bill Dowty, Linda Hambrick, Judy Harkless, Marlyn Koons, Cheryl Laley, Bob Miller, and Kiel Nunn); Operations/Construction Committee (consists of: Larry Heckber-Chair, Jim Brewer, Larry Smith, Phil Dinovo, Lynette Esslinger, and Tim Esslinger); Fundraising Committee (consists of: Kody Kumfer, Jan Williams, and Robert Honegger).

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