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The town of Markle is in both Huntington and Wells Counties. The entire town is served by the Huntington County Plan Commission. The Markle elected officials, all elected on a non-partisan basis, are the three members of the Markle Town Council and the town clerk-treasurer.

While the town offices await the move downtown to the building currently occupied by the library, the temporary Town Hall address is 520 W. Logan St., P.O. Box 367, Markle, IN 46770, phone 758-3193; fax 758-2832. The Town Council meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., at the Markle Fire Station.

The Town Council members, are:

Jeff Humbarger, president. Home address: 120 N. Tracy St., Markle. Phone 758-9546.

Mark Hamilton, vice-president. Home address: 370 W. Morse St., P.O. Box 225, Markle. Phone 758-2818.

Rick Bower. Home address: 160 N. Miller St., P.O. Box 545, Markle. Phone 758-2985.

The Clerk-Treasurer is Carolyn Hamilton, Town of Markle, 520 W. Logan St., P.O. Box 367, Markle 46770, phone 758-3193, fax 758-2832. Home address: 370 W. Morse St., P.O. Box 225, Markle. Phone 758-2818.

Markle operates water and sewage utilities.

Rick Asher is the Town Utilities Superintendent. Home address: 3398 E. Markle Rd., Huntington.

Scott Spahr is the Wastewater Utility Superintendent. Home address: 6770 N. Marzane Rd., Markle.

Stephen Jeffers is the Water Utility Superintendent. Home address: 315 E. Morse St. P.O. Box 537, Markle.

Weekend or emergency utility problems: Call the cellular phone number: 1-260-358-6604.

POLICE DEPARTMENT: John Markley is the Town Marshal (Police Chief). The police non-emergency phone is 758-2225.

Markle Water Utilities (Water and Wastewater), P.O. Box 367, Markle 46770. Clerk Treasurer at 758-3193.

$100 deposit on rental properties for water. New water taps $750 for residential up to an inch; new residential sewer taps $600 for time and material. Commercial/business/multi-unit sewer: minimum fee of $800.

Most of Markle gets electric service from Duke Energy, phone 1-800-521-2232. A small portion receives it from Heartland REMC, 758-3155.

Markle receives natural gas service from Vectren, phone 1-800-777-2060 day or night.

Markle telephone service is from Frontier, phone 1-800-921-8104 for repair. Phone 1-800-921-8101 to order services or billing.

Cable Television: Swayzee Communications, phone 1-800-435-8353.

Garbage and Recycling: Waste Management. Phone 866-797-9018 for customer service. Garbage service is every Monday, with recycling bi-weekly on Mondays.

FIRE: The Markle Volunteer Fire Department serves the town of Markle and the townships of Rockcreek and Union in Wells County and Huntington (Township), Rock Creek and Union in Huntington County. The fire station is located at 150 W. Sparks St., Markle. Duane Brumbaugh is the Fire Chief.

PARK and POOL: The Markle Fish & Game Club provides a large community park on Ind. 3 in Markle, with activities help of the Markle Business and Community Association. Provided are a major playground equipment array installed through a community effort, plus a ballpark, a swimming pool, phone 758-3312 (only available between Memorial Day and Labor Day), and picnic facilities. For pavilion rental, call the Clerk-Treasurer’s office for contact information.

Town of Markle Park Board meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in the conference room of the Fire Station.

Markle Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC)

The Markle Business & Community Association and the Markle Economic Development Organization have merged to become the Markle Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC). The officers are: President and Treasurer Jeff Humbarger, phone 758-9546; Vice President Jeff Stockman; Secretary Linda Beck. Meetings are held at 7 a.m. on the second Thursday of the even-numbered months at Markle Health Care.

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