The new year is in full swing by now and we all should be trying to make our lives better including ministers and their families.

For instance a certain minister was waiting up for his teenaged daughter who was out far past her curfew time. When she finally did come home around 3 a.m. the minister bellowed, “Good morning my child of the devil!” The girl answered respectfully, “Good morning father!”

After church one Sunday morning, a young boy suddenly announced to his mother, “Mom when I grow up I think that I will become a minister.” “That’s great son, but what made you decide to become a minister?” “Well,” the little boy said quickly, “I have to go to church every Sunday anyway and I figure it would be more fun to stand up in front and yell at the people than to sit and listen to the preachers down in the audience.”

A new seminary student was preaching his first sermon, he meant to say, “God called me to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out the devil.” However, he was quite nervous during this sermon and what he actually said was, “God called me to heal the dead, cast out the sick, and raise the devil!”

A pastor was riding his horse down the road one day when one of the members of the congregation spotted him. “Preacher do you realize your horse looks better than you do?” the member said. “Yes, I certainly do know that my horse looks better,” the pastor said, “Because I’m the one that takes care of my horse, and this is how my congregation takes care of me.”

A certain pastor died. Shortly after a man with the very same name as the pastor went on a business trip to a southern state. The man on the business trip sent a telegram to his wife but it was delivered to the pastor’s wife by mistake. The telegram said, “Honey I arrived safely, but it sure is hot here!”


The new year is fully upon us but there are still some folk who need help with their groceries. During the 12 months of last year we handed out boxes of food and paper products to over 100 families each month. Soon the Master’s Pantry will be located in the new building behind the Markle Church of Christ when the work on the building is completed.

Several of the following businesses of Markle, and the area, helped tremendously: iAB stocked our shelves and packed boxes, Ride-to-Provide donated items especially for the holidays.

The Committee wants to send a special thanks to everyone who helps support this mission with financial gifts and prayers.