Busy time. Lots to do. Taking a break, however, is 13 points.

It’s all just getting started, but it feels like a chore.

Appreciating what we may (or may not) deserve

It’s that time of year when we focus on being thankful, which is a good thing of course.

Thanksgiving: A good time to get some gas

I have been taking a whole lot fewer aspirin these days, now that I don’t need a second mortgage to fill up my gas tank.

Saturday Sub—Every day seems to bring another puzzle

I have lamented in this space on prior Saturdays about the things I don’t understand. You would think that as you age, that list would grow smaller.

Just Jerry—My Thanksgiving marathon is on!

Most people train for years before competing in marathons and I am no different.

A little less traditional shopping this Christmas season

I’ve never been one to procrastinate too much except when it comes to shopping.

We must do something. I am open to suggestions.

Saturday morning’s News-Banner was looking pretty good early Friday evening.

Saturday Sub—‘Flowered up’ prose and price-fixed sodas

Weekly Angelkeep contributor Alan Daugherty enjoys reading the old Bluffton Chronicle copies online.

Just Jerry—Who knew? Beer bellies are bad for you

In the latest news release from the headquarters of Captain Obvious: Beer bellies are bad for your health.

Angelkeep Journals—Finding a snake skin

Nature offers an abundance of educational and thrilling observations of what is to the flora and fauna a normal segment of life.

The veterans we salute include two groups you rarely hear about

From Bunker Hill to Baghdad, there has always been a select group of Americans willing to fight and possibly die for a cause greater than their self-preservation.

Time for healing at Mizzou

I don’t know who is right. I’m not sure who is wrong.

In 1972, the future was 20 years ahead. Clarke knew it.

There are, occasionally, advantages to being a packrat. One can compile a report card on Arthur C. Clarke.

Saturday Sub—This was not a normal election (hopefully)

As elections go, this one was about as quiet as they get.

Just Jerry - It’s not DST; It’s ‘normal time’

It wouldn’t be November without the obligatory ranting and raving about “what a pain Daylight Saving Time is.”

Angelkeep Journals—Good old red, white and blue

At least the national government wisely keeps the date of November 11 as a day to honor those who have and yet do protect the freedoms we all hold dear.

Thumbs up for springing forward and falling back

I don’t know about you, but the extra hour of sleep Sunday was a nice “surprise.”

Wherefore art thou, challengers?

Do you want to see any changes around here?

Saturday Sub—If only life had an instant replay

Several years ago when we signed up as one of AdamsWells Internet’s first cable-tv customers, a DVD player came with the deal. I have come to wish that I could go through life with one of these things.

Angelkeep Journals—Hemlock tree an all-season delight

With the end of October in sight, the activity at Angelkeep includes preparations for Christmas.

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