Oh, would revenge be sweet. Can it be accomplished?

I don’t know enough psychology (or psychologists for that matter) to say this for sure, but it’s been my experience that revenge is that rawest of human emotions — one that only the best among us can hold down.

Saturday Sub—Summer musings at a very apropos time

It is a good time for “Summer Musings.”

Just Jerry—Support small-town life; Support the 4-H Fair

Working the beat as a reporter in Indiana for the past couple decades, there was a common refrain from most residents of small communities: “I remember when…”

Angelkeep Journals—Baltimore Oriole visits at ground level

The beautiful bright breast color of the Oriole is always welcome at Angelkeep.

Yes, we need to provide a community swimming pool

A simple yes or no answer is hard to come by these days in the abundance of gray-area questions we often hear and contemplate.

Just Jerry—Bull running is call me (Among other things)

Another July has almost gone by and I’ve missed another chance to run with the bulls in Pamplona.

Angelkeep Journals—Northern Roughwinged Swallow

Something new had arrived at Angelkeep.

Saturday Sub - Inevitability, finality and self-evident truths

It had been something that was happening somewhere else. San Francisco. Massachusetts. But there was always a sense of inevitability.

Just Jerry—Happy ‘Blow Stuff Up Day’ to all

Tomorrow is our Independence Day.

Time to revitalize our Rivergreenway. Will you help?

If you think about what most contributes to the quality of life we enjoy in Bluffton and Wells County, I would imagine that the Rivergreenway Trail comes to mind.

Same-sex marriage: I don’t like it, but I’ll abide it

It has always been the most difficult thing for Christians to figure out: How to be in the world and yet not be of the world.

Saturday Sub—Will the kids think the 60s were as ‘hip’ as we did?

A news item on the front page of an area newspaper caught my attention.

Just Jerry—Will World Cup fans send me hate mail?

As a columnist I learned long ago that the success of a column can not be measured by the accolades I receive, but rather by the amount of hate mail.

Angelkeep Journals—Father’s Day and the Angelkeep Ark

Father’s Day got the Angelkeep meditations working. It is the day those of us with fathers (and grandfathers) yet living are encouraged to acknowledge them for some good deed.

A graduation ceremony unlike any other

Two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters gently touched down on the green field in front of us as soldiers wielding machine guns — nine in each helicopter — quickly unloaded.

House of pain? Will’s book tells us of Wrigley Field at 100

I guess it can officially be said that the Chicago Cubs keep me up at night. All night, on some occasions.

Coauthor of election laws may have own worries

Connie Lawson had a speech ready for the state Republican party delegates who picked her as their Secretary of State candidate, putting her at the top of an all-female ticket in November. But she never got to deliver it.

South Carolina bound to attend a military commencement

Another year of graduation ceremonies and open houses has come to an end for most of us around Wells County, but there is still one more ceremony I need to attend.

Saturday Sub—All this, and we have a heart, too

We always appreciate fan mail, even if it comes as an assignment from school.

Just Jerry - Viva la sunshine!  (Florida vacation part 1)

For those of you in the market for a new lawn mower, I am now on vacation.

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