The sense of smell as a   trigger can’t be overrated

I was at a garage sale a few days ago and it brought to remembrance my Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan is longtime gone, I’m sure; he was my father’s sister’s second husband, and my guess is that they just kind of drifted...

Saturday Sub: Good for the soul;  Tough on the waistline

The hardest part of returning from a week’s vacation: the shoes. After a full week of tennis shoes, golf shoes and barefoot, the dress oxfords just don’t quite cut it. It doesn’t help, I’m sure, that a portion...

Just Jerry - Charlie Brown is still not funny

Long, long ago, in a state far, far away, I wrote a column decrying the state of newspaper comic strips.

Angelkeep Journals—Lobelia erinus by any other name is Lobelia

So far so good.

E-learning will soon make its Wells debut

“So what do you think of this e-learning thing?” the fairgoer asked me as I was waiting to take pictures earlier this month at the Wells County 4-H Fair.

Flooding issues continued

The city drain backed up into my basement for the 6th or 7th time since June 13.

Jeff Gordon’s retiring. What is a fan supposed to do now?

It’s been a year since I last wrote about Jeff Gordon.

Public participation? More like a free-for-all

There was a resolution considered, ever so briefly, by the Wells County Commissioners this month. It’s worth considering what it might have brought to fruition.

Just Jerry - Making the tough decisions ain’t easy

At last count, close to 47 Republicans and 36 Democrats had announced their candidacy for President of the United States.

Angelkeep Journals—Assassinated by the power company

The largest and tallest Austree of Angelkeep was killed. Intentionally cut down in its youth by the tree elimination team hired by the electric power company.

An interesting few days at this summer’s county fair

One more sign that fall is a little closer was the end of last week’s 4-H Fair.

An unserious man, crashing a most serious process

What are we to make of this? Donald Trump, who is to business competency what George Lucas is to intergalactic travel, wants to be president of the United States.

Saturday Sub: Wouldn’t empty out my bank accounts, but ...

It’s been a while since I ranted about any of my pet peeves. Monday morning’s mail brought two examples of one: unsigned mail. Two envelopes with hand-written addressing and no return address. Contents had no name...

Worst. Summer. Ever. (No hyperbole)

I’m a big fan of hyperbole, which is why I proclaim this to be the “worst summer ever.” Granted, I spent a few weeks in Daytona Beach, during which time I worked like a dog; and granted we did get about 12 hours...

Lessons from two real leaders

Two genuine Hoosier leaders shared some thoughts last week. Those who aspire to be elected leaders in 2016 would do well to learn from them. Former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton and former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar spoke during...

Turning back the clock to the 1975 4-H Fair

It was 40 years ago this month — July 1975 — and Wells County was celebrating the 25th 4-H Fair. I hadn’t been born yet; in fact, my parents would have just turned 15.

Saturday Sub—The good news:  It wasn’t snow

It depends on your perspective of course, but June’s record rainfall of 14.25 inches could have been worse.

Do spiders hold grudges? Let’s hope not.

I think I’m being stalked by a vengeful spider.

Frog gigging is for the birds

There are several types of birds that visit Angelkeep with their primary purpose being fishing in the pond.

End ‘blood sport’  of redistricting

A U.S. Supreme Court decision last week upheld an Arizona voter-approved plan to set up an independent, nonpartisan commission to draw congressional district lines.

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