Just Jerry - Saturday ‘Super Moon’ will likely disappoint you

Hey! Have you heard the news?

Bathsheba, a pretty yellow woolly worm

What’s not to like about a fuzzy wuzzy worm?

Don’t rule out a trip to Arizona in the summer

“Who goes to Arizona in the middle of summer?” the guy I was chatting with at the county fair last month asked me. “Isn’t it over 100 degrees every day?”

Our election cycle is more like a treadmill

I read the other day where Canada will have a national election this year. The campaign will be the longest in the nation’s history: 11 weeks.

Saturday Sub—Elected officials need to be accessible

You may not have seen it but one paragraph in our story Tuesday about Monday’s meeting of the county commissioners reported that the board approved a policy that allowed for certain people to have their addresses...

Community support appreciated

On behalf of the staff and board members of Family Centered Services, I would like to express our appreciation to everyone that helped make Family Centered Services’ 10th Annual Duck Race on the Wabash such a huge...

Just Jerry—A science experiment that really stinks

After years of conscientious study and who knows how much money spent on higher education, microbiologist Christina Agapakis just displayed her finest work yet at the science gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

Angelkeep Journals—Arachnophobia, meet arachni-perplex

Angelkeep’s version of arachnophobia (fear of spiders, for those who missed the movie) is actually spiderwebphobia.

A trip to Ecuador with 24 Hoosier ambassadors

It didn’t take our lungs long to realize they weren’t in the Midwest as we exited the airplane’s pressurized cabin in late June and began walking toward customs.

Gender-specific? I’ll buy what I want, thank you very much

I don’t like people telling me what to do.

Saturday Sub—And how will his children talk to gamm-pa?

Want to know how fast the world is changing?

Just Jerry - Metric is not the measure of a nation

There’s been some recent talk about the fact the United States of America is one of only three nations in the world which does not use the metric system.

Why are we ‘chip-and-sealing’ state and federal highways?

Why are we ‘chip-and-sealing’ state and federal highways?

We get news releases and news alerts often from the Indiana Department of Transportation. While I am rarely aware of when they come in, I often overhear...

Last week’s puzzle leads to a robin nest mystery

Robin nests became an annual affair in the linden tree whose trunk was just five feet from the front porch deck.

Having too much money teaches some hard lessons

An online article caught my attention recently. It told a story about a 22-year old college student named Kim who called into an Atlanta talk radio show, “The Bert Show,” to talk about her financial woes.

Saturday Sub: Maybe it’s time we do a little bragging

Well County seems to be on a roll. A good roll. This week’s news that the county finds itself at the top of yet another list, second place in the state on another and in the top ten of yet another, is further proof of...

Just Jerry—Common sense ain’t common enough

This week Kraft recalled 36,000 cases of individually wrapped cheese slices because when you open them a piece of the wrapper might not instantly come loose, creating what the company calls a “choking hazard.”

Abortion is sin

Let’s think for a minute.

Show support for Chief Rigney

I am very disappointed that some Ossian Police Commissioners and Town Council Members are trying to replace the present Ossian Chief of Police, David Rigney.

What are the motives in Ossian?

On July 27, I attended an Ossian Town Council meeting that both saddened and angered me.

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