Wells County Government

February 20, 2012

Wells County has two elected boards with governmental responsibilities and authority. The three-member Board of County Commissioners is an executive and legislative board. The seven-member Wells County Council is the fiscal arm of county government.

The three Wells County Commissioners are:
Kevin Woodward (R), Commissioner vice-president -- District 3, which is the northern third of the county, from County Road 300N to the north county line. Home address: 115 N. Tracy St., Markle, phone 224-7570.
Blake Gerber (R), Commissioner District 2, which is the central third of the county from Ind. 218 to County Road 300N. Home address: 0707S-Ind. 201, Bluffton; 824-1964.
C. Scott Mossburg (R), Commissioner president, District 1, which is the southern third of the county, from Ind. 218 to the south county line. Home address: 2428W Ind. 218, Bluffton; phone 694-6141.
All three of the commissioners are elected countywide but they must reside in the district they represent. They are elected for four-year terms. The District 1 commissioner is elected in even-numbered non-presidential election years. The District 2 and District 3 commissioners are elected in presidential election years.

The seven Wells County Council members include four who are elected from and by council districts and three who are elected countywide and serve at-large. NOTE: County Council districts have been reconfigured to make them more equally representative. The districts as described below are the new boundaries which will be in place for the May Primary and Fall General elections:
District 1 (includes Rock Creek, Liberty, Jackson, Chester and Nottingham townships, as well as Harrison Township excluding the City of Bluffton): Jim Oswalt (R), 2781S 200E, Bluffton; phone 824-8597.
District 2 (includes Lancaster Township and Jefferson Township east of the Ossian town limits): Karolyna Farling (R), 120 Greenbriar Drive, Bluffton, phone 824-2372.
District 3 (Union Township and Jefferson Township, including Ossian): Todd Mahnensmith (R), P.O. Box 342, Ossian, phone 622-6188.
District 4 (the City of Bluffton south of the Lancaster Township line): Phillip Stoller (R), 226 White Bridge Ct., Bluffton, phone 273-0164.
At-Large: Vicki Andrews (R), 8708S-600W, Warren-90, phone 375-3131.
At-Large: Michael Mossburg (R), 2953W-500S, Bluffton, phone 341-3899.
At-Large: James Van Winkle (R), Council president, 1203 Echo Lane, phone 824-4160.

All council members are elected for four-year terms. The four district council members are elected in even-numbered non-presidential election years. Only voters in their respective districts vote on the district council members. The three at-large members are elected in presidential election years, and they are elected countywide.
The county commissioners meet in regular session in the lower level meeting room of the Wells Carnegie Government Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton at 9 a.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month, except for county holidays. They also meet as the Wells County Drainage Board at 8 a.m. on those same days in the same location.
Wells County Council meets in regular session on the first Tuesday after the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the lower level meeting room of the Wells Carnegie Government Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton. (The schedule changes on holidays and for election week situations.)
County Auditor Beth Davis is the secretary for both the commissioners and council. Information for either board can be sent via the Auditor's Office in the Courthouse.

Beth Davis (R) County Auditor, Courthouse, Suite 205, Bluffton, phone 824-6470. Home: 11831S 500W, Montpelier-90.
Yvette Runkle (R) County Clerk, Courthouse, Suite 201, Bluffton, phone 824-6479. Home: 226 N. Marion St., Bluffton, phone 414-1948. (Also County Election Board chairman and Passport Information office supervisor).
Shar Mechling (R) County Treasurer, Courthouse, Suite 204, Bluffton, phone 824-6512. Home: 2471E 400N, Ossian, phone 565-3640.
Rina Stuck (R) County Recorder, Courthouse, Suite 203, Bluffton, phone 824-6507. Home: 629 S. Marion St., Bluffton, phone 824-3921.
Rick Smith (R) County Assessor, Courthouse, Suite 202, Bluffton, phone 824-6476. Home: 5215N 600E, Craigville, phone 597-7177.
Jarrod Hahn (R) County Surveyor, Courthouse, Suite 102, Bluffton, phone 824-6414. Home: 1633E 1000S, Keystone, phone 346-2680.
Kenton Kiracofe (R) Wells Circuit Court Judge, Courthouse, Suite 302, Bluffton, phone 824-6485.
Everett “Bill” Goshorn (R) Wells Superior Court Judge, Courthouse, Suite 303, phone 824-6508.
Michael Lautzenheiser Sr. (R) Prosecuting Attorney, Courthouse, Suite 405, phone 824-4102.
Monte Fisher (R) County Sheriff, 1615 W. Western Ave. (Wells County Jail), phone 824-3426. Home: 3640N 400W, Bluffton, phone 543-2553.
Kent Gilbert (R) County Coroner, Carnegie Government Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Suite 100, Bluffton. Home: 11112N Ind. 1, Ossian, phone 760-7011.
These county elected officials are chosen countywide for 4-year terms, except the Circuit Court judge and the Superior Court judge are chosen for 6-year terms. (Judge Kiracofe’s current term is through 2016. Judge Goshorn’s current term is through 2014, then he plans to retire.)
The auditor, clerk, assessor, prosecutor and sheriff are elected in even-numbered non-presidential election years. The treasurer, recorder, surveyor and coroner are elected in presidential election years.

Roy Johnson, County Attorney and County Drainage Board Attorney, Edris, Brown, Johnson & Brown-Stohler, 824-0500.
Edward Herman,  County Highway Supervisor, 1600 W. Washington St., Bluffton, 824-6430.  
Dr. Kay Johnson, County Health Officer, Health Department, Carnegie Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton, 824-6489.
Heath Butz, Environmental Health Specialist/Septic; and Jessica Bergdall, Environmental Health Specialist/Foods, Health Department, Carnegie Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton, 824-6489.
Marlene Hoag, Deputy Administrator/Registrar, Health Department, Carnegie Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton, 824-6489.
Jenny Tsakkos, Department of Child Services (Welfare) Director, 221 W. Market St., Bluffton, 824-3530.
Karen Thompson, Wells County Jail Commander, Wells County Jail, 1615 W. Western Ave., Bluffton, 824-3426.
Rick Meyers, Chief Deputy Prosecutor, Child Support IV-D, Courthouse, Suite 405, Bluffton, 824-4102.
Blake Poindexter, Wells County Community Corrections Director, Courthouse, Suite 407, Bluffton, 824-6405.
Gregory Werich, Chief Probation Officer, Courthouse, Suite 404, Bluffton, 824-6496.
Roger Sherer, William Horan, Molly Hoag, Linda Bushee and Susan Girod, Cooperative Extension Service, 1240 South 4-H Road,  Bluffton, 824-6412. Fax 824-4891. Home page: http://www.ces.purdue.edu/wells/
Wayne Grove, Emergency Management Director,  223 W. Washington St., Carnegie Annex Suite 101, Bluffton. Phone: 824-6433. Fax: (260) 824-6420. Web site: http://wellscounty.org/emergency.htm
. Bobbie Studebaker, Courthouse and Carnegie Annex Custodian, Courthouse, Suite 101, Bluffton, 824-6401.
Michael Lautzenheiser Jr.,  Area Plan Commission Director/GIS Coordinator; Amanda Studebaker, Administrative Assistant, Carnegie Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Room 211, Bluffton, 824-6407.
Claude McMillan, Veterans Service Officer, Carnegie Annex, 223 W. Washington St., Suite 102, Bluffton, 824-6403.
Wells County Election Board: Yvette Runkle,  Wells County Clerk, secretary,member, 824-6479; Roy Johnson, Attorney, member, Republican representative, 824-0500; as of press time, the Democratic representative’s seat was vacant.

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