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August 9, 2011

Wells County Churches: 
(Name, address, pastor, phone)

Apostolic Christian Church,  1970 S 800E, Bluffton. Lynn Fiechter, 565-3583
Apostolic Christian Church, (Bluffton-North), 630 E.  Dustman Rd, (PO Box 322), Bluffton. Steve Ringger, 824-2533.
Asbury Chapel United Methodist Church, 8013W 1100S, (Mailing address: 7959 W 1200S-90, Montpelier) Phil Freel, Jr., 765-499-0893.
Bethel Church (Independent Bible),  4500 E 300 S,  Bluffton. Ron Garner, 824-4547.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School, LCMS, 7545 N 650 E, Ossian. (Mailing address: 6541 E750N, Ossian) Rev. William R. Brege, 597-7121 or 597-7286.
Bluffton Church of God,  327 W. Cherry St., Bluffton. Donald Marlowe, 824-8202.
Bluffton Wesleyan Chapel (Independent), 1309 W. Washington St., Bluffton. Rev. Chad Clark, 824-4431.
Boehmer United Methodist Church,  3467 S 600 W, Liberty Center. 694-6250. Barry Humble, 592-7647.
Calvary Lutheran Church, 1532 N Main St., Bluffton. Jerry O'neal, pastor 824-0177
Chester Center Christian Church, 900 S 300 W, Poneto.
Christian New Light Church, 1011 W. Washington St., Bluffton, Rev. Timothy McKnight, Sr.
Church of Christ, 735 S. Marion St., Bluffton. Jim Dougal.
Covenant Chapel, 3550 So. St Rd 1, Bluffton. Arley Higginbotham, 824-8310.
Dillman United Brethren Church, 8888 S 1100W-90, Warren. Richard Case, 375-2779.
Epworth United Methodist Church, 1204 W. Cherry St., PO Box 372, Bluffton. Dick Frederick, 824-5510
Fellowship Baptist Church, 210 W. Townley, Bluffton. Lenny Stringer, 565-4141.
First Baptist Church, 202 W. Cherry St., Bluffton. Les Cantrell, 824-1558
First Church of Christ, 909 W. Spring St., Bluffton. Larry Sprinkle, 824-0332.
First Church of the Nazarene, 1515 Clark Ave., Bluffton. Rev. Tim Miller, 824-0460.
First Presbyterian Church, 215 E. Dustman Rd., Bluffton. Rev. Laura Sherwood, 824-0767.
First Reformed Church, 301 W. Cherry St., Bluffton. Dr. Byron Bell, senior pastor; John-Thomas Roseberry, Dir. of youth ministry. 824-3161.
First United Methodist Church, 325 W. Washington St., Bluffton, Greg Rittenhouse, Pastor. 824-2654.
Forgiven Church, 1409 S. Main St., Bluffton, Scott & Michelle Ochsner, 824-2000.
Grace Baptist Church, 1621 S 350 E (Stogdill Rd. Ext.),Bluffton. Douglas McClure, 824-4660.
Harvest Time Bible Church, 11015 S 600E-90, Keystone. (Mailing address: PO Box 589, Bluffton) Tony Robles, 273-0877.
Hope Missionary Church,  429 E. Dustman Rd., Bluffton. Gary Aupperle, 824-1844.
Keystone United Methodist Church,  10035 S 200W, Keystone. Janice Barber, 765-728-5123.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses,  2803 N Main St.,  Bluffton. Elder: G. Rick Reynolds. 824-0051.
King’s Highway Tabernacle, 1224 W. Central Ave., PO Box 568, Bluffton, 824-1986.
Lancaster Chapel United Methodist Church,  4510 E  400N, Craigville. Rev.  Dennis Leinbach. 565-3536.
Liberty Center Baptist Church,  3071 W. Cherry St., PO Box 206, Liberty Center. Aaron J. Westfall, licensed minister, 694-6622.
Liberty Center United Methodist Church,  2905 S. Main St., PO Box 226, Liberty Center, 694-6363.
Life Community Church,  428 S. Oak St. (old Bluffton HS), Bluffton. Chad Ringger, 824-2252.
Living Water United Church,  6486 S 700E, Bluffton. 334-5318. Rev. Clark Stoller, 334-5318.
Markle Church of Christ, 455 E. Morse St. PO Box 609,  Markle. Greg Comp, lead minister; Nathan Palmer, Jason Frisch, Mike Duggan. 758-2171.
Markle United Methodist Church,  145 W. Morse St.,  Markle, Rev. Steven L. McPeek,758-2855
McNatt United Methodist Church, 9271 W. 800S-90, Mailing Address: 8343 S 1000W-90, Montpelier. William VanHaften, 375-2957.
Murray Missionary Church,  1117 N. Washington (Murray), Bluffton. Mike Gilbert, 824-0113.
New Beginning Church,  2187 W SR 218, Bluffton. Steve Sutton.
New Hope Lutheran Church LCMS,  8824 N SR 1, Ossian. Rev. Paul Doehrman. 622-7954 or 622-6693.
Nottingham Church, 11020 So. St Rd 1-90, Montpelier.
Ossian Church of the Nazarene,  302 N. Metts, Ossian. Bob Miller, 622-7449.
Ossian First Presbyterian Church, 123 S. Jefferson St., (PO Box 363) Ossian. Rev. Jay E. Cline, 622-4288.
Ossian United Methodist Church,  201 W. Mill St., (PO Box 385) Ossian. Doug Barber, 622-4326.
Park United Brethren Church,  617 S. Bennett, Bluffton. Pastor John Cole, 824-0887.
Petroleum United Methodist Church,  3625 E. 2nd St., PO Box 146, Petroleum. 346-2926. Marlene Ellis.
Poneto Baptist Church,  5819 S. Grape, PO Box 52, Poneto. Alan Crull. 726-9887
Poneto United Methodist Church,  36 E. Walnut, PO Box 121, Poneto. Roy E. Nevil, 694-6600.
Prospect United Methodist Church,  705 W 900N, PO Box 4, Uniondale, Jana Taylor, 692-1460.
River of Life Church, 927 N. Main St, Bluffton; Wayne Ball, pastor. 824-3903.
Seventh-day Adventist Church,  470 E. Morse St., (PO Box 314) Markle. Guy E. Engle, 758-2920.
Six Mile Church, 4790 SE SR 116, Bluffton. Pastor: Bruce Holland, 824-2263 or 824-8521.
Sonlight Wesleyan Church,  2350 South SR 1, Bluffton; Lyle A. Breeding, senior pastor; Jeremiah Wondercheck, youth pastor. 824-0068.
Southern Wells Community Church, meets at Southern Wells HS Cafeterium. (Mailing address: 628B W. Huntington St., Montpelier) Pastor: Adam Carroll, 765-728-2154
St. John Family Worship Center,  2771 SE Mulberry (Vera Cruz) Bluffton, Pastor Don Rentschler, 565-3678.
St. Joseph Catholic Church,  1300 N. Main St., Bluffton. Father Pius N. Ilechukwuma, 824-1380.
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 5912 N. Sugar, PO Box 175, Uniondale. Rev. Richard Vonesh, 543-2245.
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 1621 W 300N, (Mailing address: PO Box 215) Bluffton. Interim pastor: Rev. Paul R. Hunteman, 543-2889.
Trinity Bible Methodist Church, 5875 E. North St., Tocsin. Andrew D. Street, 597-7585.
Turnpointe Community Church of the Brethren, 500 W. Logan St., Markle, 758-2822.
Uniondale United Methodist Church,  5867 N. Main St., PO Box 115, Uniondale. Troy Drayer, 543-2256.
Uniontown Church of Christ,  11419 N 200W, Ossian.
Zanesville Community Church of God,  11984 N. Marzane Rd., (PO Box 26) Zanesville. Steve Whetstone, 638-4239.
Zanesville United Brethren in Christ Church,  3092 W. Broadway, Zanesville. Tom Datema, 638-4220.
Zanesville United Methodist Church,  11811 N. Wayne, PO Box 4, Zanesville. Joe Hornick, 638-4108.

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