Speaking for the bear, here’s a word for the bad guys: Grrrr

August 12, 2013 — By Dave Schultz

I must admit — the people who have taken the statues from the Rivergreenway both impress and infuriate me.
More the former than the latter, just for the record.
Twice recently, markers along the Rivergreenway have been taken from their perches. The most recent one was recovered not long after it was reported missing; someone had apparently drug it to the eastern edge of the county and dumped it.
The first one, taken several months ago, has yet to be located. Someone suggested that it may have been trucked out of town and is now for sale at a flea market somewhere in the southeastern United States. That sounds like a reasonable guess to me.
Whoever did the deeds must have nerves of steel. It requires a certain amount of effort. Something on the order of a heavy-duty pickup truck would have been needed to pick the things up and haul them away. A couple of in-shape guys had to pick the thing up to get it into the truck. They would have had to do the deed in the dead of night with few lights to call attention to themselves. They had to do it as quietly as possible. The Rivergreenway, you know, isn’t all that far from the Bluffton police station — and police officers do run routine patrols during the overnight hours.
So we can tell them they did a good job at what they did, as loathsome as it was.
What they did, however, was wrong. They are bad people. They are breaking the Eighth Commandment and the laws of the state of Indiana — meaning they should be called to account by both God and man. They also discomfited the populace at large. We like our Rivergreenway, and these bums are serving merely to defile it.
If the bear, the most recent evacuee from the Rivergreenway, could speak, it would say what I’m thinking right about now: Grrrr.
I’ve said all that before I get to the idjits who damaged the restrooms at Roush and Washington parks a few days ago. The word was they spread the results of “bodily functions” all over the place.
Yuck. What kind of sickos would do that?
I take this a little bit personally because I live near Roush Park. I like to walk through the place in the evenings, and if anything’s amiss, I make a phone call about it. I’m not the Neighborhood Watch, but I want the park to look good. I missed the BB brains that did the stupid human tricks in the restrooms. Nuts.
When Pam Vanderkolk, superintendent of the Bluffton Parks and Recreation Department, made her annual report to the city’s Common Council this year, she noted that vandalism had been down for the year. Money not spent repairing vandalism was money that could be spent on programming or park improvements, she said.
Then the barbarians came to visit the Rivergreenway and the parks’ restrooms.
To repeat: Grrrr.
I hope we can catch the bad guys. I’d like them to pay for what they’ve done. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
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