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June 14, 2013

For those who did not make the June 10 WCCP meeting, go to the link  This was the topic on the Wind Turbine Farm program.  
We are encouraging everyone to attend the APC meeting on June 17 at the 4-H community building at 7 p.m. We want to fill the building to let Apex know that this is not a small group wanting to stop this project.
To start with, if this goes through, it will make the five townships of southern Wells County one big mess for several months. Our roads will be very heavily damaged by the concrete trucks and heavy equipment being moved in to construct these towers. Electrical lines will have to be moved where tractor-trailers with excessive loads will have to make turns, causing the loss of power for many homes for hours at a time. Also some of the county officials are suggesting that Apex will only have to pay part of the repairs to the roads, leaving us taxpayers to pay for them.
As for this project, if it goes through, it means that approximately 82 property owners will benefit, while several hundred will suffer. In other areas where these mills were put in, the value of the properties have suffered approximately a 20 percent loss in value and have  trouble selling their property. The closer to the mills, the harder they are to sell. If you have a property valued at a $100,000 and want to sell, chances you would only get $75,000 to $80,000 for it. And Apex won’t make up the difference.
Also, these towers will depreciate each year, not paying the property taxes they say they will pay. This equipment will loose value like farm machinery does. Not like your home, where it usually goes up each year.
Watch this link and make the June 17 meeting. If you set back and do nothing, think of what you will have to see when you look out your windows, hear the thump, thump when they are operating and the dangers of parts or ice being thrown great distances.
Someone made a statement that the crowd was rowdy and the speakers were going out into the crowd and was noisy. Yes, we did clap to show we agreed with the speakers. We had people present from Huntington and Whitely counties. It was a very orderly meeting, of course those who disagreed with crowd wouldn’t think so. Watch the link and you decide how the meeting went.
 Gene Biberstein
Harrison Township

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