Change is coming; Time to stop it

October 13, 2012

I attended the Wells County Constitutional Patriots meeting to hear Emery McClendon’s lecture on the reasons why this election has to change. He has been involved in many activities to help military veterans, sponsoring different things for vets. He has been nationally recognized for his work. He explained how he organized the TEA Party in Fort Wayne. When trying to get a meeting set up at the Courthouse, the run around that he went through and the newspaper that thought it was a big joke and that no one would show up. It ended up they had over 3,000 people attend.
His talk was basically on the way our present national administration is dividing this country: whites against blacks, young against old, men against women, businesses against workers, unions against nonunions and states against federal.
This was an individual that all local people should have been present to hear. We did have a good crowd of around a hundred, but I didn’t see any elected officials or news reporters present. With an election coming up you would think more would be interested in what the community is thinking and feeling. This speaker made the crowd come to life on many occasions.
Our group is working to put into the hands of all high school students, a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Our schools seem to think this isn’t important and do very little to push this in educating students. Anyone can now take a course called “Constitution 201” free of charge over the computer through Hillsdale College. This course is one they offer to their students.
We have a local lady who has published a book, called “Time to Choose,” on her experience living through the time of Hitler. She compares what happen then and feels that we are now going through the same motions. We are slowly being pushed into a socialistic type of government. It is being done slowly so that people don’t realize the shift. Young people don’t see it because of slow progress it is being done.
It is time to be having more young people getting involved in organizations like our WCCP. In our meeting of around a hundred, there were only ten to fifteen that were under 40 year of age. Most of these people won’t be around to many more years to fight for the younger population. People, open your eyes. A change is coming. We need to stop this change.

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