Just Jerry — Winter woes? I blame the groundhog

Mark Twain once said something to effect of, “Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”

Angelkeep Journals — Owls and their message

February is nearly over and the contemplation over using the owl as a Valentine mascot yet lingers at Angelkeep.

Thumbs up for Bluffton NOW! efforts to enhance community

I logged on to Facebook earlier this month and saw a request to like a page that had Bluffton in the title.

Bennett and Ritz have something in common

What is it about the office of state superintendent of public instruction in Indiana, anyway?

Saturday Sub — Why the downtown area and Bluffton NOW! are important

The guess here is that every community of any size in every state has had some sort of revitalization effort at least once in the past 50 years.

Just Jerry — Big fun at the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance

Let me begin by thanking the award winning Bluffton Parks Department for another fabulous Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Angelkeep Journals — A shout to wake up spring

Cabin fever, the pioneer holdover afflicting nature lovers and outdoor dwellers, peaks in the month of February.

From one speeder to another: tap on the legislative brakes

I’m not the type of person who likes to sit still for too long. I’d much rather be on the go and busy than sitting down and bored.

On vaccinations, only one argument makes sense

It is a journalistic axiom — There are two sides to every story.

Satuday Sub — In a perfect world, these laws wouldn’t be necessary

One of my favorite quotations that I keep on my bulletin board is by Thomas Jefferson: “Democracy is in no greater danger than when Congress is in session.”

Just Jerry — List of lists not worth listing (or reading)

I enjoy a good list every now and then.

Angelkeep Journals — An Amish village mystery

“I decided . . . that I could either spend my remaining years feeling sorry for myself or appreciating God’s handiwork. Appreciation is always the better choice.”

A yes vote for Wells voting centers

It appears that Wells County will not see much voter action at the polls this year as there is only one contested race at the moment for a Bluffton Common Council seat in the Nov. 3 general election.

Can the newspaper print all the laws? Probably not

The News-Banner is an information medium. (I know, the old joke is that any newspaper or broadcast entity is called a medium because it is rarely well done.)

Saturday Sub — We have a solution for safer buying and selling

The perils of modern life.

Another successful circus

On Thursday, Jan. 22, the Wells County third and fourth graders attended the Shrine Circus at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. 946 children, teachers and parent helpers boarded 20 school buses to make the trip.

Just Jerry — NFL proves one adage,  disproves another (I think)

Some might say the New England Patriots disproved the old adage “Cheaters Never Prosper” when they became the champions of Super Bowl XLIX.

Angelkeep Journals — ‘Die Again’ comes to Angelkeep

Angelkeep is typically portrayed as an idyllic garden filled with inviting habitat that is a nature cornucopia of wildlife delight.

Casting my ballot to end straight-ticket voting in Indiana

A bill that was filed last month in the Indiana House could eliminate a concern that emerged in Wells County last November when some voters cast their ballots in the mid-term elections.

Officialdom and reporting: May they remain separate

The news process is an inexact science. There are as many ways to do it as there are news outlets to do it. It’s primarily because of the people involved. We bring our experience and our understanding of our...

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