‘Deflategate’: Is anyone out there really surprised? I’m not

I was a child many years ago. I’ve been a parent for a lot longer, and I’m approaching my fourth decade as a reporter.

Saturday Sub - Reflections on an emotional week

As the old saw goes, if the News-Banner could get a nickel for every time someone asked one of our staff “How are you doing?”

I sit. Therefore I am ... unhealthy

Continuing my ongoing series examining recent scientific studies of a dubious nature, I have this latest gem:

Angelkeep Journals - Angelkeep smoked turkey replenishment

Thanksgiving came and went and the aftermath of such a succulent food event was the lingering pile of leftover turkey.

Time for bipartisan commission to map voting districts

The “long session” of the Indiana General Assembly is underway, which means those of us who are self-proclaimed Hoosier news junkies will be following with great interest as our state legislators tackle a myriad of...

Getting the building code ordinance up and running

Here’s what the Bluffton building code ordinance can save you: Time and money.

Thanks to Southern Wells community

I would like to thank everyone for the support I was given over the past four years as I have served on your school board.

Thanks to Southern Wells community

I would like to thank everyone for the support I was given over the past four years as I have served on your school board.

Saturday Sub: When journalists get biased ... and rightfully so

Every once in a while, I will hear comments about the biased media. Of course we’re biased. We’re human beings. The challenge, of course, is not letting those biases appear in news stories. Because I am in this...

Just Jerry — Are you showering too often? (Maybe so)

I love to quote from useless scientific studies, and this latest simply begged for my attention.

Angelkeep Journals—Angelkeep coyote: More sound than sight

Last week the coyote was mentioned as a seldom-seen, as compared to a no-see-um animal.

‘And everyone’s drinking beer in the park’

One of the best parts of my job in a community this size is getting to know the person behind the position.

Building a snowman in Arizona

I haven’t built a snowman in several years and didn’t think I would with my nieces during their Christmas break this year since we were without snow during the one time of the year most of us hope to see it.

Someone likes the Cubs to win it all. I couldn’t care less.

The Sporting News? It it still around?

The community did it again

To the community

Saturday Sub — A little New Year’s rant is good for the soul

I haven’t had a good rant in quite a while. Trouble is, there is so much to rant about.

French toast people, unite!

Every winter it’s the same: Winter weather is forecasted; some panic stricken people rush out to buy eggs, milk and bread.

Angelkeep Journals — January is a no-see-um month

The cold days of the beginning of 2015 do not allow for any considerable amount of wildlife observation.

Stuart Scott was a cool cat in a hot medium

I didn’t know much about him, except that he was a graduate of the University of North Carolina and was always in my living room.

Saturday Sub: Back to the unfathomable,  incomprehensible future

There’s nothing like a New Year’s Day to make you feel a year older, much more so than a birthday.

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