Saturday Sub: An update on a remarkable life, and friendships

It was about four years ago that local entrepreneur Randy Harnish shared a story about an orphan his artillery unit in Vietnam had adopted in the late 1960s. “Little Lou” showed up at the unit one day, so weak from...

Just Jerry — Eureka! Raking leaves is bad for your lawn!

I have never been a fan of raking leaves. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it is the most pointless activity of all outdoor activities.

Angelkeep Journals — Honeysuckle by any other name

Never go to a nursery or garden center and ask for honeysuckle.

Ready for a late October homecoming

Our area schools have been busy this fall season celebrating annual homecoming traditions.

We’ve made it thus far, and we expect it to continue

Forty years.

Saturday Sub — And just what would your tattoo be?

Although I understood the point and the concept, there was not much appreciation for the medium.

Just Jerry — The pain in my drain is very plain

I just finished paying a plumber to clear a clogged bathtub drain which really had no business being clogged in the first place.

Angelkeep Journals —Angelkeep’s American bullfrog

School-age years living in Lancaster Township began on a pondless farm a mile outside of Uniondale.

Gearing up for another election season

It’s hard to believe that another year of November elections is right around the corner.

A statue in a park, honoring a legacy

I have no idea what kind of maintenance the statue of the Civilian Conservation Corps worker now installed at the Ouabache State Park will need.

Get involved, Get included

I appreciated your comments about whether we are an inclusive community. (Saturday Sub, Sept. 27) Now for the “however.”

Saturday Sub — Protecting yourself against those nasty coffee bugs

It’s probably a big deal that there is a case of the ebola virus here in the States now.

Just Jerry — You may call me a woodchuck-chucker

It seems I truly missed my calling. Rather than be a journalist I should have been a lumberjack.

Angelkeep Journals — Star Wars X, or Cardinal ET phone home

Where is Gene Stratton Porter when you need her?

Picking a smartphone just the beginning

I completed a personality-leadership self assessment survey a few years ago at a conference I was attending to get a better idea of my strengths and weaknesses.

Even after four years, there   is so much more to know

You know how things grow on you in time?

Saturday Sub: Turns out we are not exclusively inclusive-challenged

Is Bluffton an inclusive community? The consensus seems to be a pretty firm “no.” Are we shocked? Perhaps we shouldn’t be.

When sports collide: Football vs. baseball

Is there a good reason, a really good reason, baseball season has to run right smack into football season? Besides making more money for the major league sports franchises, that is. I am not the most ardent of sports...

Hoosiers need fair Indiana taxes, too

Indiana legislators talked about business taxes last week, while a new report gave a low rating to state taxes on ordinary citizens. A “blue ribbon” commission on state tax policy heard an expert say Indiana’s tax...

A full notepad from Street Fair, Chicago’s ‘Tilt,’ petition race

After a busier-than-normal week,  it’s time for this reporter to clear out his full notepad.

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